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Requests for Changes in Zoning

Rezoning requests are heard before the Planning and Zoning Commission who holds a public hearing and makes a recommendation to either approve or deny the request to the County Commission.

The request is reviewed by staff against the Master Plan. The Master Plan identifies a “sufficiency of resources” test for determining whether there are sufficient resources available for the needs of the proposal. Contact is made with utility companies, municipalities, Road & Bridge department and the sewer district to insure that all needs are adequately addressed. Staff presents a report to the Planning and Zoning Commission outlining the request.

There is an application fee as well as a plan review fee, if applicable, which must be paid at the time of application. In addition, all owners of property within 1000 feet of the proposed rezoning are notified by certified mail. A public notice is also placed in the newspaper. These costs are billed to the person requesting the rezoning.

Rezoning requests are heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission on the third Thursday of the month, with the exception of January. Requests that are denied by the Planning and Zoning Commission may be appealed to the County Commission within three working days. The appeal form may be obtained from the Resource Management Department.

Completed applications as well as required documentation must be received in our office by the required deadline. Deadlines can be viewed on our main page under "Public Notices".

Status of Rezoning Requests

The Planning & Building Department will post rezoning requests before monthly meetings. Select a year below to get a list of archived requests for that year. Click on a date hyperlink to view the requests for a particular date.

Select A Year Currently Showing 2018 Rezoning Requests

2018 Rezoning Requests



Payne Enterprises, Inc. Approved Rezoning


Gara W. Toalson Trust Approved Rezoning


James A. and Tammy D. Heuer Approved Rezoning




Diversified Property, LLC Approved Rezoning



Gary & Rhonda Wilson Pending Rezoning
Norma J. Keil, Trustee Pending Rezoning
Omkara, LLC Pending Rezoning
RML Investment Properties Pending Rezoning