Welcome to the Boone County Treasurer's Office

The county treasurer is an elected official responsible for receiving, disbursing and investing all funds for the county and ensuring that monies are correctly segregated into separate funds as required by law.


The treasurer manages the county's $100 million investment portfolio and is focused on ensuring county money is invested safely and securely, that investments meet the liquidity necessary for the county's cash flow needs, and that investments achieve the best yield possible. Responsible fiscal management gives the county options and maintains its strong fiscal position. Currently, your tax dollars are invested in U.S. Treasury notes, U.S. agency bonds, certificates of deposit, and top-tier commercial paper and banker's acceptances.

Boone County's investments are guided by a policy implemented in 2013. The policy outlines investment standards, transaction responsibilities and portfolio management requirements.

Boone County's Investment Policy guides investment decisions for the county's investment portfolio managed by the county treasurer within statutory and legal requirements. The primary objectives of investment activities, in priority order, are legality, safety, liquidity, and yield. The Policy lists a range of allowable investment types, as well as addressing credit risk, interest rate risk, and concentration risk.


The treasurer issues all general obligation bonds and revenue bonds for the county. Debt is issued for infrastructure improvements relating to Neighborhood Improvement Districts and for county capital improvements. Boone County's bond rating is Aa2, due to the county's historical and present day financial strength. This strong bond rating is among the top 25 percent of all county bond ratings nationwide.

Debt issuance for Boone County is directed by a policy implemented in 2012. The policy provides increased transparency for the process of issuing and managing county debt.

Boone County's Debt Management Policy provides guidance for the types of debt issued, the issuance process, and the administration of the debt portfolio. The policy shows a commitment to financial planning, and stakeholders in the debt issuance process, including bond buyers, rating agencies, and citizens, recognize the importance of having a structured framework in which to issue debt and meet those obligations.

Unclaimed Property

The treasurer is responsible for safeguarding the county's unclaimed property and returning the property to citizens and entities. In 2011, Boone County became the first and only Missouri county to maintain an online search and claim system for unclaimed property. The Missouri Association of Counties recognized these efforts to return citizens money by presenting Boone County with a County Excellence Award in 2012.

To learn more, search Boone County's Unclaimed Property Database, email or call (573) 886-4365.