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In accordance with the laws of Missouri, the Office of Boone County Assessor has updated the 2021 real estate assessments. The statutory effective date of valuation is January 1, 2021. Boone County mailed 44,000 change of assessment notices during the first week of May. The 2021 equalization effort is based upon an analysis of the local real estate market as required by law. Statistical information released by the Columbia Board of Realtors indicates the median sale price of an existing home in Boone County increased by more than 15% during the past two years.

Due to the pandemic, access to the assessors' office is limited to staff only. All informal hearings will be held by phone and will conclude on Wednesday, June 30th. If you have questions please call 573-886-4268, leave a message if the lines are busy or send an email to Reval2021@boonecountymo.org. Please include your name, phone number and a parcel identification number. A licensed real estate appraiser will return your call or respond by email.

The statutory deadline to file an appeal with the Boone County Board of Equalization is Monday, July 12th. All formal appeals to the BOE must be filed in writing with the Boone County Clerk and received or postmarked no later than July 12th. Appeals received after the deadline will not be given consideration. Appeal of Assessment forms are available on-line with the county clerk. Recent sales contracts or appraisals, current listing agreements or audited income and expense reports will expedite the appeals process.

Please remember to focus on the valuation of your property. Tax rates will be finalized by the elected authorities of our schools, fire districts, cities and the county following public hearings in August. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this complex process.

Tom Schauwecker Boone County Assessor

Electronic Non-Assessment Form Now Available

Our office has made available an electronic version of the Application for Certificate of Non-Assessment. See the Non-Assessment page for more information.

A county-wide elected office with a four year term, the Assessor's position is held by Tom Schauwecker. Mr. Schauwecker has been the County Assessor since 1989.

The Assessor is an elected official responsible for developing and maintaining a current list of all taxable real and tangible personal property in Boone County and assessing the property annually. Assessed valuation provides the tax base for property taxes levied by the County's and its various political subdivisions. The Assessor's Office processes annual declaration forms for all tangible personal property to Boone County residents. The Assessor also performs tax mapping by maintaining and updating property lines based upon warranty deeds received from the Boone County Recorder of Deeds.