Welcome to the Boone County Auditor's Site

A countywide elected office with a four-year term, the Auditor's position is held by Kyle Rieman. Mr. Rieman has been the County Auditor since 2023.

The Boone County Auditor is responsible for establishing, implementing, and monitoring the accounting and budgeting systems of Boone County. The Boone County Auditor is responsible for preparing the County's official financial statements and coordinating the annual financial audit. As budget officer, the County Auditor is responsible for preparing and submitting a proposed annual budget to the County Commission, and preparing all related budget documents and schedules.

The County Auditor also monitors compliance with internal control procedures, oversees accounts payable activities, monitors and evaluates the condition of County budgets and funds, and certifies contracts and expenditures. The Boone County Auditor also maintains property records and conducts physical inventories.

The County Auditor voluntarily participates in the Government Finance Officers Association's (GFOA) Excellence in Financial Reporting program and has received a certificate of achievement since 1982. Additionally, the County Auditor's office voluntarily participates in GFOA's Distinguished Budget Presentation Award program and has received the budget award since 1997.