Instructions for Bad Check Writers

If you believe you are not responsible for the check, or are a victim of fraud, you must contact your bank to initiate a formal dispute. You might also consider contacting an attorney to represent you.

Payment received IN FULL within 10 days of receiving the 10 Day Notice will result in NO CRIMINAL CHARGES being filed against you for the check(s) paid.

Payment is accepted with a cashier's check or money order made out to Boone County. Payment should be delivered to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, 4th Floor, 705 E. Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201-4485. We will accept law firm checks from your attorney. We do NOT accept cash, personal checks or electronic payments.

Partial payments or payment plans do not constitute payment in satisfaction of the 10 day Notice and will not be accepted.

**If you received a Criminal Summons or were arrested on a Warrant in a criminal prosecution that contained a 10 Day Notice within the Criminal Summons or Warrant, then payment in full of the amounts owed within 10 days of receiving that 10 Day Notice in the Summons or Warrant will result in the charges against you being dismissed.