Land Development Services

In this section, users can access numerous resources including the official executive summaries of Boone County's stormwater ordinance and stormwater manual in affiliation with development. Other resources include the necessary steps to take while attempting to develop land in Boone County and all forms associated with the correct processes concerning stormwater and avoiding violations which may hinder the developmental goals of a project.

Boone County Stormwater Discharge Permits

A stormwater discharge permit is required when a stormwater drainage facility will be constructed, altered, or reconstructed. -Stormwater Discharge Permit Application

The following items must be submitted prior to issuance of a stormwater discharge permit:

  1. Boone County Stormwater Discharge Permit Application
  2. Boone County Stormwater Discharge Permit Application Fee ($50)
  3. Stormwater Management Construction Plan(s)
  4. Stormwater Management/BMP Facilities Maintenance Agreement
  5. Permanent Stormwater Management Easement (for off-site BMP facilities), if applicable
  6. Drainage Area Map(s)
  7. Boone County Water Quality Calculator Sheets (1A, 2, 3 & 4A for New Development, or 1B, 2, & 4B for Redevelopment)
  8. Water Quality Hydrology Calculations
  9. Water Quality BMP Design Calculations
  10. Stormwater Detention Hydrology & Hydraulic Design Calculations
  11. Stormwater Conveyance System Hydrology & Hydraulic Design Calculations   

Boone County Land Disturbance Permits

A land disturbance permit is required for any non-agricultural land disturbance greater than or equal to one acre. For land disturbance activities that are in or near an ecologically and/or environmentally sensitive area (as defined in Section 4.6 of the Boone County Stormwater Ordinance), the threshold is lowered to 3,000 square feet or more of disturbance. Land disturbance includes all activity that disturbs the root zone of existing vegetation.

The following items must be submitted prior to issuance of a land disturbance permit:

  1. Boone County Land Disturbance Permit Application
  2. Boone County Land Disturbance Permit Application Fee ($150)
  3. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  4. Approved Erosion and Sediment Control Plan(s)
  5. Sediment Trap/Basin Design Calculations, if applicable
  6. Rough Grading Plan(s)
  7. Preliminary Stormwater Management Plan(s), if applicable
  8. Copy of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Land Disturbance Permit
  9. Erosion and Sediment Control Cost Analysis
  10. Other State or Federal permits, if applicable
  11. Limited Stream Assessment, if disturbance is in channel or buffer
  12. Sinkhole Evaluation, if discharge to on-site sinkhole
  13. Geological Evaluation, if off-site sinkholes

The list below should help walk you through the land disturbance process. You will find information on steps to take to obtain permit coverage, site inspection requirements and a county approved site inspection form. Also included is a summary of our stormwater policy regarding violations and penalties. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you!

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Inspections and Enforcements

BMP Maintenance

Additional Forms


Submittal Forms

These are necessary submittal forms which accompany stormwater calculations.


These spreadsheets are examples of calculations made for each kind of development type.


These spreadsheets will aid in making the necessary calculations for new and redevelopment.


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