Countywide Water Quality Sampling

Chemical Water Quality Sampling - Fall, 2022 / Spring, 2023

In partnership with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the University of Missouri, Boone County Stormwater collected 45 water samples in the fall of 2022 and 48 water samples in the spring of 2023 from streams around Boone County and the Missouri River. The water samples were analyzed for the presence of agricultural chemicals, nutrients (nitrate and phosphate), sulfate and chloride. This project is part of a statewide effort by the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) to better understand the fate and transport of agricultural inputs on the landscape. The sampling locations, watersheds for those locations, land use / land cover information and chemical sampling results are available on the map above. Please click on a sampling point to view all of the information for the point location.

The report presented to MDA is available here.

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