Explore Boone County

photo overlooking Eagle Bluff

Boone County is rich in natural resources and public open spaces, such as parks, for people to engage and connect to the environment.

Fields, forests, streams, and other green spaces supply numerous benefits to the community, including clean air, water purification, wildlife habitat, timber, food, nutrient cycling, and recreation for Boone County residents and visitors.

Spending time in accessible outdoor environments allows community members to connect with nature in new ways and enhances community member's understanding of complex environmental issues such as watershed protection.

Ways You Can Explore Boone County's Natural Resources & Notable Places

Playing Agents of Discovery

Perfect for families looking to spend time outdoors, Agents of Discovery is a free educational app to get youth active, engaged, and learning about the world around them. Natural resources professions have created missions encountering participants to complete game-filled missions and learn about the environment. Challenges (or questions) are geo-triggered as participants walk the trail. The game is free to download and, once downloaded, does not require any data or WiFi to play. Download Agents of Discovery on your Devices app store.

Featured Mission

Agent Boone the Beaver holding binoculars
3M Wetlands

Join Agent Boone the Beaver to explore the 3M Flat Branch-Hinkson Creek Wetlands and learn all about its history and mysteries! Start by the path entrance on Forum Blvd and head east towards downtown, and you'll see the trail on the left going around the wetland.
On the app, blue dots will direct you to the Challenges. The Challenges appear on your Mission Map as a pinpoint with a question mark "?" in the middle. Once you're close enough to play them, they will change color. Good luck, and have fun!

This Mission is outdoor based, so make sure the weather is safe before you begin. Always watch where you are walking, and remember to look around!

Boone County Courthouse Plaza

Join the game to learn about Boone County Courthouse Plaza. Explore the area to uncover and solve questions highlighting Boone County's history, monuments, stormwater, and how we can be good stewards of our natural resources.
Start the Mission at the columns on Walnut Street. Challenges appear on your Mission Map once you're close enough to play them. Good luck, and have fun!

This Mission is outdoor based, so make sure the weather is safe before you begin. Always watch where you are walking, and remember to look around!

Missouri Explorer Campaign
photo overlooking Perche Creek

Explore Boone County and Missouri Parks in a whole new way! Join the Missouri Explore campaign using the free Agents of Discovery app, the secret agency dedicated to learning and playing outdoors -think Pokemon Go for parks and education.

Perfect for people looking to spend time outdoors and learn about the world, the Missouri Explorer will run until October 31st, 2023. Bass Pro Shops, Wonders of Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service, Missouri Department of Conservation, Boone County, Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum, Dogwood Canyon, and Jefferson City Parks and Recreation have come together to get people exploring, learning, and having fun engaging with their communities.

Tips for Playing Missions

  • Download the app and the Mission you want to play while you are at home or anywhere with WiFi. Then you will not need to use any data while visiting the mission location.
  • You can turn on the text-to-speech feature by going into Settings in the app. A Play/Stop button will appear on the corner of every dialog box, allowing you to mute the audio if needed.
  • This same Settings screen allows you to change the unit of measure and turn on the power saver mode.
  • Use the Diagnostics button on the Settings screen to confirm whether your phone supports the game's components or is disabled.

City of Ashland Parks

The City of Ashland is proud of its small but growing park system. Residents passed a half cent sales tax for Parks and Stormwater Management in 2018 that is helping fund repairs and future improvements. Parks information can be found on the City of Ashland's Website.

City of Columbia Parks and Recreation

The City of Columbia has a wide variety of parks and recreation facilities to serve its citizens. Parks and Recreation locations can be found on the City of Columbia's Website.

City of Centralia Parks and Recreation

The Centralia Park System began in the 1940's with the purchase of 30 acres of land through the combined efforts of A.B. Chance Co., Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, and the Centralia Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Through the years the Park Board has added to the original 30 acres and today maintains four parks and the Centralia Municipal Swimming Pool located in the City Recreation Park. Parks and Recreation information can be found on the City of Centralia's Website.

City of Hallsville Parks and Recreation

The City of Hallsville Tribble Park is located on Highway OO. The six-acre City of Hallsville Park was the result of a community-wide effort to serve its citizens. Learn more about the park on the City of Hallsville's Website.

City of Sturgeon Parks and Recreation

Sturgeon residents enjoy a City Park with; Shelter House, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Horseshoe pit and Playground equipment. There is also the relatively new Creek Park located in the Southeast Corner of the town. Parks and Recreation locations can be found on the City of Sturgeon's Website.

Missouri Department of Conservation

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) offers various areas to explore nature, including conservation areas, nature centers, shooting ranges, natural areas, and more. Find places to go by searching for conservation areas by location, activities, natural features, and more on MDC's website.

Missouri State Parks

Missouri state parks and historic sites are owned by the people of Missouri. Opportunities for people to connect to its recreational resources, experience nature and learn about the state's history should be available to everyone. Discover destinations using the Park and Site Map Viewer.