Enforcement Procedures

Sediment runoff from construction activities is a violation of the Stormwater Ordinance no matter the area of disturbance. All hazardous materials and waste products must be managed and disposed of properly. Unauthorized connections to the Boone County storm drain system are a violation of the ordinance. Engaging in an activity that requires a permit without first obtaining a permit is a violation of the ordinance.

If a violation is found on your site, the contractor will be notified and given up to seven (7) days to remedy the violation in a Land Disturbance Permit and up to forty-five (45) days for a Stormwater Discharge Permit. If the violation has not been remedied within the time frame set forth in the notice, a stop work order may be issued and the permit(s) will be suspended. The stop-work order shall state the reason for the order and the conditions under which the order and suspension will be lifted.

The only activities that can occur on the site are those to correct a violation or unsafe condition.

If the contractor does not complete the corrective activities within thirty (30) days, the permit(s) will be revoked. After two (2) stop work orders are issued for similar violations on the same site, the permit(s) will be revoked.


Any person who violates the stormwater regulations is guilty of a misdemeanor. Each day that the violation continues is considered a separate offense.