Inspection Procedures

Inspection by Boone County

The Stormwater Ordinance in Boone County, Missouri makes it a crime to discharge pollutants, including sediment, into the storm drain system, and gives County inspectors the authority to inspect construction sites, stormwater management facilities and drains on private property that discharge to the County's storm drain system. Inspectors can issue stop work orders in the event of a violation. If the site has security measures, such as a fence or gate, the owner must allow access to representatives of the County.

Pre-Construction Meeting

The Owner/Developer/Contractor shall notify the Boone County Chief Inspector a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours prior to the commencement of any earth moving activity that disturbs the root zone. A pre-construction conference will be held on site to ensure proper placement of buffer setbacks, the construction entrance and any specific or unusual details of the project. All contractors must sign the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) before the Land Disturbance Permit can be issued and work can begin.

Contact information for Stormwater Coordinator:

Nicki Rinehart, CPESC
Stormwater Coordinator
Phone: (573) 886-4330

Weekly and Rain Event Inspections

The inspector's role is to ensure that all relevant precautions are taken to prevent pollutants and sediment in stormwater from impacting state waters. An inspector must also determine the adequacy of stormwater quality control measures. Inspectors will document and record all findings at the construction site using inspection forms, photographs, notes and written logs.

Sites will be inspected at least once every seven calendar days and within 48 hours after any storm event greater than 3.5 inches has ceased during a normal workday and within 72 hours if the rain event ceases during a non-workday such as a weekend or holiday.

Stormwater Concern Inspection

If you would like to report a problem with storm drainage issues, illegal dumping to the storm drain system, runoff from construction sites, or a spill, please Report Storm Drainage Problems. Your report will be received by Boone County Resource Management, and someone will get back to you. All reported incidents will be investigated. Where necessary, violation notices will be issued and enforced as required.

For spill emergencies after normal business hours, please contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Environmental Emergency Response Team at 573-634-2436.

Stormwater Discharge Permit Inspections

Inspections will be done to ensure proper construction and grading of the stormwater facility. No substantive changes can be made to an approved construction plan without the review and written approval of Boone County. Work with your County Inspector if field changes need to be made. Any major deviations from the plans will preclude the final inspection (and release of the security deposit) until the necessary filed corrections or plan revisions have been performed and approved.

Final Inspection

Final approval of construction work under any permit shall be based on a field walk-through authorized by the Director. Requests for final inspection must be made in writing, all work must conform to the County approved plans/specifications, and permanent stabilization shall be completed with a satisfactory stand of vegetation. Once Boone County has issued final approval, the security deposit will be released, and the County Land Disturbance permit will be closed.