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Hinckson Creek watershed, Boone County

Watershed Information

Learn about the watershed process and find out which Boone County watershed you live in.

Boone County facts and watersheds

Getting to Know Boone County

Read about interesting Boone County facts, geography and geology, climate, and local water resources.

pet waste disposal bags

Pet Waste Disposal

Find out how pet waste can be a health hazard and water pollutant and how to properly dispose of it.

From garbage to garden composting image


Learn about the benefits of composting and get helpful tips and information for successful composting.

four invasive plants of missouri: crown vetch, bush honeysuckle, musk thistle, and reed grass

Missouri Invasive Plants

The Missouri Department of Conservation provides information on problem plants and how to control them.

Grow Native Missouri Prairie Foundation Logo

Grow Native

Get information on growing plants native to Missouri and how they benefit the local ecosystem.

A stream in Boone County

Streams of Boone County 2018-2019 Water Year Summary

See a snapshot of activities and information about Boone County streams for the water year 2018-2019.

Personalized Missouri Stream Team license plate

Stream Team

The Missouri Stream Team is an organization that allows citizens to get involved in river conservation.

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Newsletter Archive

Access Stormwater Management newsletters containing seasonal information and advice on a variety of topics.

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