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The Boone County Inspections Division is responsible for building inspections in Boone County, Missouri, outside the city limits of Columbia. If you are located inside the City of Columbia please contact their office.

The Boone County Commission adopted building codes in 1985. A program of inspection services began in March 1986 following the adoption of the National B.O.C.A. codes. Boone County adopted 2015 International Codes which will be effective April 1, 2017. All permits issued on and after that date will be subject to the 2015 codes. The addendums to this code may be found under our "regulations" link on the left menu.

All applications for building permits are reviewed for compliance with land use regulations, floodplain regulations, and address requirements. Inspections take place throughout the construction process.

The County Commission adopts regulations on the recommendations of the Building Code Commission. The Code Commission meets as needed to review proposed code changes and amendments. Structures that meet the building code are issued a Certificate of Occupancy. Please allow three business days for the Certificate to be processed and issued.

Residential Building Permits

To apply for a building permit the applicant will need the following information in order to complete the Residential Building Permit Application:

  • Building setback;
  • Square footage of basement (separate finished and unfinished areas);
  • Square footage of main floor, second floor, garage, carport, breezeway, porch, and decks (all separate);
  • Name, address, and phone number of owner and contractor;
  • Site drawing showing location of structure, driveway, wastewater system, and any other buildings on the site;
  • Type of foundation;
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • Height of building from finished grade to peak;
  • Copy of recorded deed or survey showing proof of ownership;
  • Estimated cost of construction; and
  • Total disturbed area.

If any of the above information is not submitted a building permit will not be issued. We must receive payment at the time of application, acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, or credit/debit card. Permit applications are accepted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our offices are closed on all State holidays.

Important Information

  • It will take 24 hours from the time you apply for a permit to the time you will be able to receive an inspection. (If application is from small cities such as Hallsville, Centralia, or Ashland, the 24 hours begins from the time our office receives the application).
  • Prior to any building inspections you will need a presite inspection from the Health Department to approve the location of the wastewater system. You will also need a presite inspection from Resource Management for approval of the driveway location.
  • Permit card must be on site for inspection to take place. Inspectors reserve the right not to inspect if card is not on site.
  • Inspections must be scheduled by office personnel; not inspectors. Inspectors do not schedule inspections in the field. We do not do inspections prior to 9:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m. unless agreed to by the inspector who will perform the inspection.
  • One inspection per site, per day, unless otherwise agreed to by an inspector.
  • One-half day notice is required for residential inspections. You must request an inspection before noon to receive a same-day inspection. If you call for an inspection in the morning the inspection will not be performed until after noon.
  • If a re-inspection is necessary a re-inspection fee of $10 may be charged. This fee must be paid at the Building Inspections Office prior to any further inspections. The re-inspection fee may be charged if an inspector needs to return to the site for any reason. (examples are: work is not completed when the inspector arrives; re-inspect of previsouly incorrect sites; inspector could not gain access to building, property, or specific areas such as attic or crawl space).
  • You must reference your application/​permit number when you call for inspections. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please allow three business days for a temporary or certificate of occupancy to be processed and issued. If you have an upcoming closing where the C.O will be required please schedule your inspection accordingly.

Commercial Building Permits

Please see the links below for information regarding commercial projects in Boone County. All commercial projects must meet zoning, building, fire, health, road, and parking requirements. Please note: All plans have a minimum review time of three weeks.

Our office requires three sets of plans as well as a digital copy. In addition, a $300 plan review fee as well as the Fire Marshal plan review fee, if applicable, and a fully completed commercial building permit application must be submitted before the plans will be assigned to an inspector for review.

Health Department Requirements

Any daycare or establishment that serves or prepares food in Boone County requires inspection by the Columbia/Boone County Environmental Health Department.

Health Department forms:

You may contact the health department at:

Columbia/​Boone County Environmental Health Department
1005 W. Worley St.
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 874-7346