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Project Status
Road Striping Spring Spring Project
El Chaparral Culvert Rehab Final Design
Waters Edge Stormwater Improvements Final Design
New Haven Road Bridge Final Design
Bass Ln Drainage Culvert Final Design
Boone Industrial Rehab

Final Design

Project Information

Preliminary Project Plans

Christian School Road Asphalt Overlay Final Design
Clellie Harmon Road Asphalt Overlay Final Design
Grace Lane Asphalt Overlay Final Design
Old Plank Road Asphalt Overlay Final Design
Old Route A Asphalt Overlay Final Design
Reclamite Treatment Final Design
Hartsburg Bottom Road Bridge Replace Preliminary Design
Olivet Road Bridge Replacement Preliminary Design
Onyx Surface Seal

Preliminary Design

Construction will resume in Spring 2020

Preservation Chip Seal Preliminary Design
Road Striping Fall Fall Project