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Project Status
Brandywine Road Asphalt Overlay Complete
Lake of the Woods Road Asphalt Overlay Complete
Boothe Lane Culvert Rehab Complete
Graham Road Culvert Rehab Complete
Wyatt Lane Asphalt Overlay Complete
Kircher Road Asphalt Overlay Complete
Akeman Bridge Road Asphalt Overlay Complete
Preservation Chip Seal Complete
Spring Road Striping Complete
Fall Road Striping Complete
Olivet Road Bridge Replacement Under Construction
Bellview & Bethany Drive Rehab

Under Construction

Project Info & FAQ - UPDATED 6/16/22

Construction Update week 13

Ketterer Road (This is not a Boone County Project)

Under Construction

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Woodie Proctor Culvert Replacement Under Construction
Sycamore Creek Road Drainage Structure Contract Award
Pierpont Meadows Contract Award
Ben Williams Rd Bridge

Final Design

Gillespie Bridge Rd Rehab Conceptual Design
Obermiller Rd Rehab Conceptual Design