Payment Information
For Resource Management Department Only

Instructions for On-line Payments

Do NOT make payments through this link for any department other than Resource Management. Payments made on this site that are payable to other departments will be reversed or voided and your bill will remain in unpaid status. Payments to the Collector's Office and Recorder of Deeds Office need to be made through their websites.

All card payments will be run as credit and will incur a 2.35% convenience fee, or a minimum of $1.55.

Please be advised that if you are making multiple payments of the same dollar amount the system may decline the payment believing it to be a duplicate transaction. IE: if you are paying for two electric permits at $40 each, the system may decline the second payment of $40.00. You CAN pay for both permits in one transaction (one payment of $80.00); this may also save you on convenience fees.


  1. Billing Information: Enter the name on the card, billing address, and phone number associated with the card.
  2. Order/Transaction Information: You must select at least one fee type. If paying for multiple items (example: Building Permit, Wastewater Permit) you can pay in one transaction. Select one fee type and note the other items you are paying in the "Other Fees" box. Property owner name and Submitted By are required fields.
  3. Reference Name/Number: A reference name or number is required. Please use the reference information you were given by Resource Management staff. If you have not received a reference name/number you must contact Resource Management before submitting a payment. Failure to enter the correct reference information will delay in processing the item you are paying for
  4. Payment Information: Fill in card information as requested.
  • Do not submit payment for an item that has not been accepted or approved for issuance. Once the item is accepted/approved you will receive reference information and the fees due.
  • Do not submit payments due to any other department other than Resource Management. Exception: Payments for waste water permits may be made using this site.
  • All inspections require 24-hours notice. Inspections cannot be scheduled until your application and payment have been processed by our office.

By clicking the following link you are indicating that you understand and agree to these instructions. Click continue to make a payment.