Forms & Fees


Building Forms

Incomplete forms will not be accepted. If you need help completing an application please call us at 573-886-4339 or email:

All permit applications must include directions to the site from a major highway and the address where the work is taking place. If the address has not been assigned, then the name of the road that the driveway connects to. Site drawings must be included for ALL new construction. Failure to submit a site drawing will be considered an incomplete application and will not be processed.

Please note, it will take three business days to process your temporary or final certificate of occupancy.

Do not email applications to individual employees, all emailed applications must be sent to:

Roadway Forms

Engineering Forms

Zoning Forms

* Applications that are denied by the Planning and Zoning Commission should request the appropriate Appeal Form if they wish to proceed to the County Commission.

** Effective November 30, 2017, this form will be required for any variance requests. Older versions of the variance application will no longer be accepted. Any request submitted on the old version will be rejected as an incomplete application. Also, we strongly advise that applicants meet with staff before submission to verify type of variance needed and to avoid additional costs.

Stormwater Forms

For more information regarding Stormwater Regulations, please visit the Stormwater Management site.


Effective January 1, 2022 fees will increase as shown on the link below.