Planning Division

The Planning Department provides planning and development services to the unincorporated areas of Boone County. It is responsible for all land use requests which come in the form of requests for changes in zoning, conditional use permits, subdivision plats, and requests for variance from the regulations. Planning staff maintains and interprets the county zoning map, provides support to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the County Commission. Staff also investigates zoning complaints.

In 1985, the Planning Division worked with the Joint Communications Center, GTE, Boone Electric Cooperative and The Columbia Daily Tribune in assigning 911 addresses to all of the existing residences in Boone County. That file continues to be maintained. Every home is addressed and added to the file whenever a building permit application is processed.

The Planning Division annually issues mobile home park licenses and provides representatives to the County Road and Bridge Advisory Committee, the Solid Waste Committee, and the On-Site Sewer Board of Review.

We strongly recommend that you meet with staff prior to submitting an application. Understanding the process and requirements of the proposed request can save the applicant time and money and could result in a more positive outcome.

Online Information Resources

Regulations can be found on our Regulations page.

Applications and forms can be found on our Forms & Fees page.