Maintenance Inventory Viewer

The displayed information below is NOT representative of snow removal operations. For information regarding snow removal use please visit the Boone County Road & Bridge Snow Routes web page.

Overview: The intent of the map below is to define to its users whether Boone County or an adjacent municipality is responsible for maintenance of a roadway. The roads displayed as "County Maintained Road" are those in which Boone County is responsible for routine maintenance as well as planning and executing enhancement and preservation projects.

Examples of Routine Maintenance: gravel road grading, pothole filling, culvert replacement, signage, paint striping, concrete panel repair, etc.

Examples of Planned Enhancements and Preservation: asphalt overlay, chip seal, fog seal, rehabilitation projects, etc.

Navigation: If you know the address or the name of the road you are searching for, you can use the drop-down next to the search box and select to search by Local Road or Address. Using the 'All' option will search both Local Roads and Addresses. Optionally, you can manually pan/zoom to a specific location to view maintenance steward information.

solid pink line County Maintained Road dotted yellow line Private Road not Maintained by County solid green line City of Columbia Maintained Road solid blue line Road Maintained by Other Entity
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Map Dataset Disclaimer

These maps were prepared for the inventory of real property based on the utilization of deeds, plans, and/or supportive data. In addition, map files are frequently changed to reflect changes in boundaries, lot lines and other geographic features resulting from changes in ownership, development, and other causes. The existence, dimension, and location of features, as well as other information, should not be relied upon for any purpose without actual field verification. The County of Boone makes no warranty of any kind concerning the completeness or accuracy of information contained on these maps and assumes no liability or responsibility for the use or reuse of these maps by persons not affiliated with Boone County. Use of these maps by any person not affiliated with Boone County constitutes agreement by the user to assume full liability and responsibility for the verification of the accuracy of information shown on these maps.

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