Road/​Right of Way Inspections

Policy and Applications

Right of Way Permits

Right of Way Permits are issued by the Resource Management Department when excavation takes place in a Boone County Road owned or maintained right of way. Please see the definition of "excavation" in the Boone County Right of Way Work Permits Policy. There are three types of permits which are issued for different types of work.

  • A Special Permit is issued to utility service providers that requires a specific on-site inspection for excavation work within the right of way.
  • A General Permit is issued to utility service providers which are required to regularly perform excavation work within road right of ways.
  • An Individual Permit is issued to all other applicants who wish to perform work in the right of way. A $150.00 deposit is required for Individual permits. After all inspections are performed and all work is completed a refund will be issued, less inspection, mileage, and administrative fees.

All right of way permits must be approved by the Chief Construction Inspector prior to any work being performed.

A utility meeting is held annually to discuss changes and to update utility contact and billing information.

Driveway Permits

Driveway Permits are issued by the Resource Management Department for new or upgraded driveways that are connected to a County maintained road. Some types of upgrades that require a permit are: resurfacing an existing driveway, upgrading a culvert, and widening a driveway.

The cost for a driveway permit is $60.00. If you are building a new structure that requires a new driveway entrance a site inspection of the driveway will need to be performed prior to receiving any building inspections (including footings).

Driveways are inspected for sight distance (see Boone County Roadway Regulations, Chapter II, Spec 410.01C) and for determination of culvert size which is determined by the area draining across the drive location. Please call our office to check if a permit is required for the type of work you will be doing.