Bad Check Unit

Missouri law states that passing a check with the purpose to defraud or knowing that it will not be paid is a crime, which also includes fraudulently stopping payment on a check. The Boone County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will accept checks that were passed in Boone County from individuals and businesses who have been defrauded with a bad check, and will attempt to collect the check or begin criminal prosecution. This is a service that is provided at no cost to the victim of a bad check.

The forms provided on this site contain required information in order for this office to collect on the checks. Without this information, it is possible that we will not be able to proceed. If that is the case with a check you submitted, it will be returned to you, along with an explanation of why it was returned. In a criminal prosecution, the State must prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, which might require certain types of evidence that is requested on the Complaint Form and Probable Cause Statement.

If you have received a 10 Day Notice about a bad check you owe or have been contacted by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office about owing payment for a bad check, please see Instructions for Bad Check Writers.