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Leased Vehicle Information

Leased vehicles should NOT be reported on an Individual Personal Property Assessment Form. Leasing companies are responsible for reporting these vehicles to the Assessor's office because they are the titled owner's of the vehicles.

To renew the license plates on a leased vehicle, one of the following documents will need to be presented to the Department of Revenue: either a Statement of Non-Assessment, if you were not leasing your vehicle on January 1 of the previous tax year, or Personal Property Tax Receipt, if you were leasing the vehicle on January 1 of the previous year.

A statement of non-assessment may be obtained by presenting your lease agreement or vehicle registration renewal notice.

If you were leasing the vehicle on January 1 of the previous tax year, your leasing company may have provided you with a copy of the paid personal property tax receipt. If not, you may obtain a copy from the Collector of Revenue's Office.

Personal Property Declarations

Second notices were mailed March 19th, 2018. Return promptly and no penalty will apply.

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RSMo ยง137.345. 3 In the event the taxpayer returns the assessment list to the assessor before May 1st, the penalty described in subsection 1 of this section shall not apply. Click here for more information on avoiding penalties.

Statement of Non-Assessment Information

To obtain a certificate of non-assessment from the Boone County Assessor for Missouri Department of Revenue vehicle registration or license plate renewal you will need one of the following documents:

Plat Books

Plat Book Viewer

Plat books are available for purchase for $35 in the Assessor's Office, as a PDF to download and print, or to view on your mobile device/​PC using the map viewer.

For more details and other interactive maps, visit the viewer information page.

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