Unclaimed Property

The treasurer administers unclaimed property for the county. These assets are checks issued by the county that are not cashed by a citizen or entity. Examples include outstanding refund checks written to citizens or checks to vendors for services. Checks become unclaimed property if they are outstanding for 180 or more days. Boone County's Unclaimed Property Database is continuously updated as outstanding checks are not cashed by the payee.

The treasurer maintains unclaimed funds in trust for the owners and their legal heirs for three years. After three years, the property is turned over to the State of Missouri. Unclaimed property never becomes the property of the county.

To make a claim, search Boone County's Unclaimed Property Database, call (573) 886-4365, or send us an email. If you believe you have unclaimed property that is held by the State of Missouri, search www.ShowMeMoney.com or call (573) 751-0123.

Boone County's Unclaimed Property Database

Welcome to Boone County's Unclaimed Property Database. Boone County is the first county in Missouri with an online system to search for and claim unclaimed property. This searchable database will help you see if you, your family or friends have unclaimed property.

There is no charge for claiming your unclaimed property. If someone has requested a fee for returning the assets that belong to you, please contact our office at (573) 886-4365 or email the Treasurer's Office to verify the validity of what you have received.

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