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Table of Contents

Section 1 Title, Purpose, and Intent

Section 2 Definitions

Section 3 Districts and Boundaries

Section 4 General Provisions

Section 5 District Use Regulations

Section 6 Planned Districts

Section 7 Accessory Buildings and Uses for Non Agricultural Uses

Section 8 Nonconforming Uses

Section 9 Height Regulations

Section 10 Yard Requirements

Section 11 Area Regulations

Section 12 Sewage Disposal in Sinkhole Areas

Section 13 Keeping of Animals in Residentially Developed Areas

Section 14 Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

Section 15 Administration

Section 16 Interpretation and Conflict

Section 17 Fees

Section 18 Violations

Section 19 Validity

Section 20 Repeal

Section 21 When Effective

Section 22 Floodplain Management

Section 23 Character Preservation Overlay Districts

Section 24 Airport Approach and Departure District

Section 25 Signs

Section 26 Stream Buffer

Section 27 Address and Road Naming Regulations

Section 28 Storm Water Ordinance

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