What is Recovery?

The "Recovery" phase of emergency management happens after an emergency or disaster and is designed to help a community return to safe and pre-disaster conditions. Recovery actions include debris cleanup, rebuilding of roads or bridges and financial assistance from the government.

Once the immediate danger of an emergency has passed, your continued safety and well-being will depend on your ability to cope and take the necessary steps to recover. The recovery process is a gradual one in which safety, mental health, and physical well-being are a top priority.

Recovery goes hand in hand with Resiliency. How resilient a community is ultimately determining how quickly it recovers from disaster or if it recovers at all.

Learn about ways our community can become more resilient by exploring our Hazard Mitigation and Planning and Preparedness sections! You can also become involved in our community's emergency response, check out this information on CERT.

Affected by disaster? Find helpful links, resources and pertinent information here as it becomes available.

Federal Resources

State Resources

Local Resources

After a disaster strikes, you are eager to get things back to normal, but recovery will be a gradual process. Make sure to:

  1. Contact your local emergency manager if you have damages.
  2. If you have insurance, contact your Agent to file a claim.