Youth Preparedness Program

The Youth Preparedness Program was developed by the Boone County Office of Emergency Management (BCOEM) using the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) Program as the foundation.

The Youth Preparedness Program includes an adaptive presentation that is tailored to the grades of the students receiving it. Students are encouraged to think critically about what they already know about safety and how that can be applied to prepare for emergencies. In addition, the presentation provides an overview of the four steps of emergency preparedness, positive outcomes of preparing, hazards in our community, preparedness activities that they are already apart of in their schools, contents of an emergency kit, and lastly ways that they, at their current age/grade level, can prepare at home.

Program Overview

This program is available free of charge to all public and private schools, and organizations, in Boone County that serve grades K-12.

To empower the students who receive the Youth Preparedness Program presentation to continue their preparedness journey at home, they are provided with:

  • Emergency Kit Starter Bag
  • Kids In Case of Emergency Contact Card
  • LED Flashlight (with batteries)
  • Emergency Kit Checklist
  • Certificate of Achievement

In addition, a Parent Information Packet is sent home with them that includes resources for their parent(s) to foster preparedness at home. This packet includes:

  • Household Disaster Plan Template
  • Emergency Kit Checklist
  • Student Reading Resource List for disasters and emergency planning
  • Home Safety Checklist
  • Boone County Ready Brochure

Youth Preparedness Program presentations are scheduled on a school year calendar. Resources are limited. Schools and organizations wanting a presentation are encouraged to schedule before the beginning of the school year.

To request a Youth Preparedness Program presentation at your school, or organization, please contact our instructor, Chris Lewin at or 573-554-7900.

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