Tom S. Hurley Public Safety Service Award


Born on May 26, 1981, Tom S. Hurley dedicated his life to serving his community. He joined the Boone County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in 2016 and was promoted to Director in 2019, a position he held until his unexpected passing on June 30, 2019.

Tom Hurley portrait

Tom always aspired to be a public servant, particularly in emergency services. He graduated from Hickman High School in 1999 and earned an associate degree in Fire Science from Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, and a bachelor's degree in Public Administration from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

Beyond his work at OEM, Tom was a volunteer firefighter with the Boone County Fire Protection District, an emergency medical technician at the University Hospital, an Emergency Management Coordinator in Eau Claire, WI, and a park ranger at Carlsbad Caverns, NM.

An excerpt from his eulogy captures Tom's spirit:

Tom's convictions and integrity were his compass in life. He dedicated his professional life to helping others, always without expectation of accolades or thanks. For Tom, service to others, especially those in need, was the essence of his character.

Award Presentation

We honor Tom Hurley, the late OEM Director, by presenting the Public Safety Service Award. This award recognizes an individual, agency, or organization that embodies Tom's spirit and dedication to community service. The recipient goes above and beyond their duties to foster preparedness, respond to emergencies, or build community resilience.

To nominate a candidate for the award, please complete the nomination form.

Award Entry Criteria

  • Eligibility: Must be a resident of or an entity within Boone County, MO.
  • Individual Nominees: Can be paid or unpaid (volunteer) but must go beyond their regular duties.
  • Contribution: Must have significantly contributed to preparedness, emergency response, or community resilience in the last 12 months.
  • Residency/Location: Nominees must reside or be based in Boone County, MO, and must have responded to or prevented a crisis in the local community in the past year.
  • Core Values: Helpfulness, Initiative, Altruism, and Humility. Preference is given to volunteers and volunteer-staffed organizations.

Award Entry Criteria

  • Helpfulness: Contributing to the community by responding to or preventing a crisis in Boone County, MO.
  • Initiative: Taking action beyond one's responsibilities or duties.
  • Altruism: Offering help freely, even in the face of sacrifice.
  • Humility: Helping others without seeking recognition.

Award Nomination Guidelines

  • Nomination Period: July 1 to July 31 each year.
  • Submission: Complete the nomination form on the Tom S. Hurley Public Safety Service Award website, ensuring all elements are addressed with a detailed description of services and impact.
  • Contact Information: For questions about the Tom Hurley Public Safety Service Award, email

Award Selection Committee

The committee comprises public safety officials, first responders in Boone County or its municipalities, members of the Hurley family, and board members of the Tom Hurley Award Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3).

2024 Award Selection Committee Members Include Representatives From:

  • Boone County Office of Emergency Management
  • Boone Health
  • Boone County Fire Protection District
  • Ashland Police Department
  • Missouri River Relief
  • Truman VA Hospital
  • Family of Tom Hurley
  • Friends of Tom Hurley