Sunrise Estates

Sunrise Estates is a subdivision approximately four miles east of Columbia. Built in the 1960-80s without stormwater controls, residents experience problems with erosion, flooding, and standing water. In 2010, Boone County and our partners applied for a Section 319 Implementation Grant through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Our project was picked for funding in October of 2010, and finalized in March 2011. A major component of the grant is to find solutions to runoff problems in an urbanized subdivision. To help reduce flooding, 65 rain gardens/rain barrels, 60 tree plantings, and three community water treatment features will be installed in Sunrise Estates over the next three years. Since many of these retrofits will occur on private property, this will be done on a volunteer basis, through cost-share.

Map of Sunrise Estates monitoring locations

Sunrise Estates monitoring locations

Map of Sunrise Estates location in Hinkson Creek Watershed

Sunrise Estates location in Hinkson Creek Watershed

To help scientists record precipitation, an electronic climate station was installed in the neighborhood (near the community park). Thanks to our partners at Sunrise Estates, a wifi connection enables access for all. To view rainfall amount, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, temperature and solar radiation, click here.

If you are a Sunrise Estates Homeowners Association member and would like to receive weather updates from the climate station, please complete the request form.

Best Management Practices Implemented at Sunrise Estates

Practice Goal # Installed/​Planted
Rain Barrels/​Rain Gardens 45 55
Community Stormwater Features 3 0
Tree Plantings 60 57

Retrofit Activities at Sunrise Estates

Sunrise Estates Stormwater News