Mitigating COVID-19 takes every individual, community, school, workplace, business and state’s participation.

Boone County currently leads the State of Missouri in COVID-19 vaccinations with 58% of the total population initiating vaccine and 52.6% completing vaccine.  Individuals aged 5 and older are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), while individuals aged 18 and older are eligible to receive the Moderna and Janssen vaccines.  The Pfizer vaccine has received FDA approval for use in individuals aged 16 and older.  More local information about the COVID-19 vaccine can be found on the site.

Boone County COVID-19 Resources & Vaccine Information

The County of Boone is partnered with local companies, non-profits, faith-based organizations, first responders, health care systems, as well as with the State of Missouri and the Federal government to ensure that our communities are supported, healthy, and have the resources they need to overcome this pandemic.

Individual Efforts

Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 starts with you!

The best way to stop the spread of COVID-19, is by taking personal responsibility for our actions in preventing the spread. In addition, reach out to your local officials and demand that act to ensure all individuals within your community are allowed a safe and healthy environment to live, work and play. Below are things that we can do as individuals to stop the spread.

Kids & Covid

Use these resources to educate not only your kids, but yourselves as well. Being educated empowers you to feel less anxious about the unknowns and more confident in the decisions that you are making for your kids during this pandemic.

Holiday Gatherings During a Pandemic

It is important when attending holiday gatherings that we take steps to ensure that we reduce the risk of getting sick and of getting others sick.

By following the guidance provided by your local Public Health department, we can enjoy our holidays with peace of mind knowing that we are doing what is best for our family, friends and community.

Take the time to read through the information and consider including all recommendations in your holiday plans this year.

If you’re going in public, make sure you have a spare hand sanitizer, you’re maintaining your distance and you are wearing your mask properly.