Smart911/​Rave Alert

Smart911/​​Rave Brochure

Welcome to Boone County’s new notification system, Rave Alert. This dynamic, multi-function notification system allows the Office of Emergency Management and Boone County 911 to notify residents of emergency situations or disasters in our community.

Using the Smart911™ profile you create, Rave Alert allows you to register for those notifications most pertinent to you, from road closures and vehicle crashes to hazardous material spills and missing persons. You will receive focused messaging geared specifically to your information and safety needs.

Your Smart911™ web-based profile does more than give emergency notifications. You have the option to provide critical information to help emergency responders, such as medical history, function or access needs, identification of children and pets – thereby providing first responders with immediate and critical life-saving information.

During a disaster, Smart911™ can be called upon by Emergency Management officials to locate members of our community most in need. Citizens requiring oxygen or insulin, for example, can be identified and assisted during major emergencies if they choose to provide that information.

Using the links provided here, you can learn more about these free services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Boone County Emergency Management at or (573) 886-7225.

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