Facilities Maintenance Division

The Facilities Maintenance Division maintains all (HVAC) electrical, plumbing, and mechanical equipment at County facilities. We are responsible for the interior and exterior facility maintenance, including routine repairs, long-term fixes, and general building upkeep. This division also helps install the holiday lights throughout the Civic Plaza.

Facilities Maintenance Employment Opportunities

Facilities Maintenance Technician I

Facilities Maintenance Worker I assist in all aspects of facility maintenance at various buildings. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a vast skillset. Some of the responsibilities for this position include basic electrical and plumbing repairs, supervision, assisting with repairs and construction of various building assets, and snow removal.

Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

The Facilities Maintenance Supervisor assigns and oversees all work the Facilities Maintenance technicians perform. The Supervisor also performs administrative duties, such as scheduling outside services and inspections, reviewing and approving payroll, conducting performance evaluations, reviewing maintenance-related bid specifications, and liaising with outside vendors. This position is an integral part of the supervisory team within the Facilities Management department.

Employee Training and Growth

Most training will be hands-on and led by superiors, with the opportunity for specialized training in a classroom to obtain certifications. There is a career matrix that outlines the goals needed to move to advance in the division.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do I need to be selected for this position?

A background in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing is preferred, but staff will be trained in all of these areas, so experience is not required.

Would I work in extreme temperatures?

Although it's not every day, there are times we work in extreme heat, cold, and rain. Employees within this division may be called upon to assist the Grounds Division with snow removal and other outdoor tasks. Appropriate gear is provided.

How often would I work at extreme heights?

Most work is completed from the ground or ladders, but we work in aerial lifts during holiday light installation, high bay light replacement in some buildings, and replacement of parking lot lights.