Facilities & Grounds

The Facilities Management Department oversees the operation and maintenance of up to 500,000 sq. ft. of the County's buildings and grounds, utilizing custodial services, facility repairs, snow removal, and grounds maintenance.

Boone County Courthouse

Boone County Courthouse building

705 E. Walnut, Columbia, Mo.

Boone County Government Center

Boone County Government Center building

805 E Walnut Columbia,

Boone County Juvenile Justice Center

Juvenile Justice Center building

5665 Roger Wilson Memorial Dr.

Boone County Road & Bridge

Public Works building

5551 Tom Bass Road, Columbia Mo.

Boone County Public Defenders Office

Public Defenders Office building

601 East Walnut, Columbia, Mo.

Support Building

Boone County Support building

605/609 E. Walnut Columbia, Mo.

Boone County Elections/Training

Elections/Training building

101 N. 7th, Columbia, Mo.

Boone County Annex

Boone County Annex building

613 E Ash St., Columbia, Mo.

Boone County Alternative Sentencing Center

Alternative Sentencing Center building

607 E. Ash, Columbia Mo.

Boone County Government Plaza

Government Plaza

125 N 8th, Columbia, Mo.

Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Centralia, Mo.

Rocky Fork Cemetery

Rocky Fork Cemetery

Hinton, Mo.

El Chaparral Park

El Chaparral Park

South Mesa Dr., Columbia, Mo.

Compass Health

Public Health Dept building

1005 W. Worley St. Columbia Mo.

Boone County Emergency Communication Center (ECC)

ECC building

2145 E. County Dr., Columbia, Mo.

ECC Support Building

ECC Support building

2177 E. County Dr., Columbia Mo.

Boone County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office building

2121 E County Drive, Columbia, Mo

Sheriff's Office Annex Building

Sheriff's Office Annex building

2111 E. County Dr., Columbia, Mo.

Reality House

Reality House building

1900 Prathersville Rd., Columbia Mo.