Instrument Codes

Recorder of Deeds' instrument codes and their associated instrument types.
Abbreviation Instrument Type
1MTB First Mortgage Bonds
ABND Abandonment
ABRO Abrogation
ACKN Acknowledgement
ADD Addendum to Deed of Trust
AFF Affidavit
AFFD Affidavit of Declaration
AFR Affirmation
AGR Agreement
AGRE Agreement to Leasehold Estate
AMEN Amendment
ANEX Annexation
ANT Assent
ANTP Antenuptial Agreement
APET Approval of Petition
APLT Affirmation of Plat
APNT Appointment
APRO Approval
APT Appointment of Successor Trustee
APTM Appointment of Substitute Trustee
ART Articles
AS Assignment of Deed of Trust
ASGN Assignment
ASMP Assumption Agreement
ASNT Assent to Execution
BDED Beneficiary Deed
BILL Bill of Sale
BYLW Condominium Bylaws
CAFA Criminal Activity Forfeiture A
CDED Cemetery Deed
CDT Correction
CERT Certificate
CLPG Collateral Pledge
CLTD Collectors Deed For Taxes
CNST Consent to Transfer Title
CNT Contract
CNTR Contract For Deed
CNTS Cancellation of Trust
CNVY Conveyance
CONS Conservators Deed
COV Covenants
CPRS Corporate Resolution
CRSL Certified Copy of Resolutions
CSNT Consent
D188 Survivor Benefit Plan Election
D214 Military Discharge - DD214
D215 Correction To DD214
DC Death Certificate
DCCD Declaration of Condominium
DCLT Declaration of Trust
DCRE Decree
DDED Deed of Dedication
DECL Declaration
DEDI Dedication
DFLT Default Judgment
DISC Disclaimer
DPOA Durable Power of Attorney
DT Deed of Trust
ESCT Estoppel Certificate
ESMT Easement
EXEC Executors Deed
EXH Exhibit
FSTL Final Settlement
FTRS Family Transfer Form
GUAR Guaranty
HOME Home Schooling
INAP Inventory & Appraisement
IND Indenture
INST Instructions
JDGE Judgment
LCER Loan Participation Certificate
LEAS Lease
LETT Letters
LICS License
LNOT Legal Notices - Certificate of Publication
LPAT Land Patent
LPOA Limited Power of Attorney
LTF Loan Transfer Form
MAIN Maintenance Agreement
MD Modification
MECH Notice Of Intent To File Mechanic's Lien
MEMO Memorandum
MIN Minutes
MISC Miscellaneous
ML Marriage License
MNT Military Notification
MOD Modification of Deed of Trust
MTG Mortgage
MTWV Mortgagee Waiver
NIDR Neighborhood Improvement District
NIDS Neighborhood Improve District
NLVY Notice of Levy on Real Estate
NOIS Notice of Intended Sale
NOR Notice of Rights
NOT Notice
NTLN Notice of Lien
NTLP Notice of Lis Pendens
ODR Order
OPTN Option
ORDN Ordinance
PAS Partial Assignment
PERM Permit
PET Petition
PFRM Pro Forma Decree of Incorporation
PNDT Pledge of Note & Deed of Trust
PNOT Proof of Notice
POA Power of Attorney
PRAG Partial Release of Right-Of-Way
PRDH Proof of Death & Heirship
PRES Partial Release of Easement
PRHS Proof of Heirship
PRIM Partial Release of Lien For Impact Fee Due
PRJL Partial Release of Judgment Lien
PRL Partial Release Deed
QTCL Quit Claim Deed
R Release
R1ST Right of 1st Refusal
RCOM Report of Commissioners
RCON Replacement of Conservator
RCPT Receipt
RDR Rider
REQ Foreclosure Notice Request RSMO 443.325
RES Resignation
RESC Rescission
REVO Revocation
RIDR Payment Rider
RIGT Right To Use Permit
RL Full Deed of Release
RMAP Removal & Appointment of Trustee
RQ Request For Notice RSMO 443.055
RSLT Resolution
RSTR Restrictions
RVTR Revocable Trust
SAT Satisfaction
SBTD Substitute Trustees Deed
SBTR Substitution of Trustee
SBTS Substitution of Attorney in Fact
SEC Security Instrument
SHRF Sheriffs Deed
SLPM Sign License Permit
STD Successors Trustees Deed
STMT Statement
SUB Subordination
SUBA Designation of Substitute Attorney in Fact
SUR Survey
SWCT Sewer Contract
TD Trustees Deed Under Foreclosure
TERM Termination
TLF Federal Tax Lien
TLFM Federal Tax Lien Misc
TLFR Federal Tax Lien Release
TLS State Tax Lien
TLSE State Tax Lien Expungement
TLSM State Tax Lien Misc
TLSR State Tax Lien Release
TR Trust
TRSF Transfer
TRST Trustees Deed
UCCA UCC Amendment
UCCC UCC Continuation
UCCF UCC Financing Statement
UCCR UCC Partial Release
UCCS UCC Assignment
UCCT UCC Termination
UFLW Uncond Final Lien Waiver
UNDR Underground Facilities
VA22 VA Form 22-8979
VAC Vacation
VESM Vacation of Easement
VOID Voided Document
WAIV Waiver
WD Warranty Deed
WILL Last Will & Testament
WITH Withdrawal