Employee of the Quarter

Second Quarter of 2020

The Employee of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2020 is Julie Crouch from the Boone County Clerk's Office!


Julie has been processing payroll efficiently, on time, and correctly for Boone County for over 12 years. Julie is always patient, kind cooperative, and understanding, despite having to input information from time sheets submitted by over 460 employees every two weeks!  She verified hundreds of bank account numbers during a recent project. During the last quarter and up to the present, she has taken it upon herself to onboard and enter the election pool employees into the payroll system.  She diplomatically discusses payroll issues with banks, administrative authorities, and employees.  She routinely goes above and beyond to quickly fix errors that have occurred outside of her control.  In additional to processing payroll 26 times a year, she has also been attending meetings to provide her valuable institutional knowledge during the transition to the upcoming new payroll system.  Julie Crouch is truly one of the behind the scenes heroes that makes Boone County such a great place to work!

The Employee Recognition and Suggestion Committee would also like to recognize the following nominees:


  • Planning, Building, and Road Inspection Divisions – Resource Management


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