Employee of the Quarter

First Quarter of 2022

The Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2022 is

Lindsey Martin from Joint Communications


Lindsey is a dedicated employee who is willing to step up when necessary.  She excels at customer service by calming her callers through active listening, effective communication, and empathy.  Her involvement with training new employees has provided them with an excellent foundation to start their dispatching careers.  Lindsey's interactions with her co-workers are always friendly and engaging.  Lindsey maintains a positive attitude even when things are difficult, and her smile lights up a room. 

Lindsey goes above and beyond to help boost morale in the workplace.  In February she created a “Spread the Love” campaign that included not just her department, but the entire Emergency Communications Center.  Lindsey provided fun crafting materials for everyone to make their own Valentine’s Day boxes, and then encouraged people to drop notes of appreciation into their co-workers’ boxes on heart-shaped paper.  Everyone’s Valentine's Day boxes were then judged and Lindsey put together prizes for the winning designs. Lindsey’s ideas were a huge hit!

Lindsey’s positive demeanor, willingness to help, and commitment to Joint Communications make her very deserving of Employee of the Quarter.


The Employee Recognition and Suggestion Committee would also like to recognize the following nominees:


Taylor Acton – Building Inspector – Resource Management

Heather Acton – Sr. Accountant/Financial Analyst – Auditor’s Office

Megan Bania – Data & Performance Analyst – Community Services

Melinda Bobbitt – Director - Purchasing

Carl Campbell – Senior Facilities Maintenance Technician – Facilities Maintenance

Christy Johnson – Chief Deputy Treasurer – Treasurer’s Office

Uriah Mach – Planner – Resource Management

Mattie Marohl – Administrative Technician I – IT

Linda Martin – Payroll Coordinator – County Clerk’s Office

Phillip Montes – Systems and Support Manager – IT

Laura Planey – Legal Assistant – Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Jenna Redel – Director – Human Resources & Risk Management

Mark Rowland – Senior Road Maintenance Worker – Road & Bridge

Grace Hayes – Lead Deputy Collector – Collector’s Office

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