Employee of the Quarter

Third Quarter of 2021

The Employee of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2021 is Angela Wehmeyer from the Human Resources department!


Angela goes above and beyond in all of her interactions with others. She is patient, kind, and caring, and she takes the time to make sure that people understand the complex information she gives them.  She answers questions any time, day or night, and she never makes people feel like they are inconveniencing her when she does.  She's trained everyone in the HR office over the last 8 years and has formed true friendships with them all.  She wants everyone around her to be successful and shine in the best light and she works very hard to make sure they have all the tools they need.  She quickly becomes a valuable resource for anyone who has worked with her because she is smart, thoughtful, and she knows what she is talking about.

During COVID Angela has helped hundreds of County employees get vaccinated, learn more, get leave, or deal with the fallout of their serious illnesses. She stays on top of all the changing information about how long quarantines are, who should be doing what, when people can come back, what days they should get tested, etc.  People call her late at night, on the weekends, on holidays, etc., and she encourages them to do so so they can get the information they need as soon as possible.  She even went through the Johns Hopkins training to become a contact tracer just so she would better help our organization know what to do and when. She goes above and beyond, and she genuinely cares about how people are doing and how she can do more to help them.

Angela has a very big heart, and she has quietly helped many County employees and their families through very sad and trying times. Angela has driven out to hospitals and homes of dying employees to make sure that they have all their beneficiaries correct and all their paperwork in order before it is too late. She has sat at the table with grieving spouses, parents, and loved ones and helped them get through hard things. She treats your family like she would want her family treated. She makes sure that we as an organization do everything we can to serve in a time of need.  If someone in our organization is facing the worst or we have lost someone, it is guaranteed that Angela is talking with the people who love them and working behind the scenes to help.

Her kindness and service to our Boone County family make Angela very deserving of Employee of the Quarter.

The Employee Recognition and Suggestion Committee would also like to recognize the following nominees:

  • Debbie Hester - Personal Property Specialist - Assessor's Office
  • Christie McCaleb - Lieutenant - Sheriff's Office
  • Teresa Shaw - Senior Sign Maintenance Specialist - Road & Bridge
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