Employee of the Quarter

Fourth Quarter of 2020

The Employee of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2020 is Della Luster from Emergency Management Operations!


Della Luster has truly stepped up during these COVID times.  Throughout the entire pandemic period, and especially during the CARES Act County functions, Della was in constant contact with response agencies, health care providers, and medical facilities; generally the whole spectrum of response stakeholders.  Della devoted the extra time that was needed to complete the complex and often complicated paperwork associated with the County's CARES Act reimbursements while shepherding the applicants through the process.

Her time was devoted to conference calls, virtual meetings, in-house staff meetings, and direct responses to citizen inquiries.  The County Office of Emergency Management staff was able to respond extremely well during the pandemic because Della had their back on administrative preparations and procedures, and kept things moving during the normal season events and regular activities.  Della has been eager to help and solve problems as they arise.

Della's commitment and attitude make her the perfect candidate for Employee of the Quarter! 

The Employee Recognition and Suggestion Committee would also like to recognize the following nominees:


  • Nikki Antimi - Sheriff's Department
  • Sonja Boone - Boone County Public Administrator
  • Boone County Clerk's Office
  • Christy Johnson - Chief Deputy Treasurer - Treasurer's Office
  • Brianna Lennon - Boone County Clerk
  • Angela Loftin - Office Administrator - Prosecuting Attorney's Office
  • Krystal Pettigrew - Administrative Technician III - Prosecuting Attorney's Office
  • Wade Stoermer - Custodian - Housekeeping

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