Employee of the Quarter

First Quarter of 2024

The Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2024 is
Andrew Collins in the Sheriff's Office.

Employee of the Quarter, Andrew Collins

Andrew regularly interacts with the public, external partners, and vendors, as a professional representative of the both the Sheriff's Office and Boone County. He serves as a part-time instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI), where he was recently referred to as the “best instructor at LETI.” He also serves as a firearms instructor for the Sheriff's Office. One of Andrew's passions is music, and he is a great trumpet player. This is a talent he has been able to lean on when he regularly represents the Boone County Sheriff's Office by playing the national anthem at the LETI graduations and plays TAPS at funerals when called upon by the Missouri Law Enforcement Funeral Assistance Team.

As a member of the Professional Development Unit (PDU), he regularly recruits new employees, assists with the hiring process as needed, liaisons with Human Resources, and assists with training personnel. Andrew is the type of person who holds himself to a high standard, always maintaining personal accountability. He strives each day to be better person in every way. He is always evaluating procedures and processes to determine if he can find areas in which to improve. He is not one to bring up a problem, concern, or issue without suggesting a positive solution. Andrew is very dependable, makes few mistakes, and takes pride in his work. Andrew is a consummate team player, always taking the initiative to assist his co-workers. Andrew is very courteous, always treating his co-workers with respect. He is also very mature with his approach to any topic/conversation involving his co-workers. Everyone knows that if they need assistance Andrew will be there for them.

Andrew assists with our CALEA (Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies) accreditation and recently worked 32 consecutive days without a day off to assist in preparing for the remote assessment of the accreditation process. Andrew worked hard in preparing the campus, even sweeping the parking lot at one point, to ensure the campus looked great. Andrew assisted in hosting the on-site assessor and making sure everything went well. Due in large part to Andrew's work and dedication, we received a perfect review and report.

Andrew is extremely loyal to the Boone County Sheriff's Office and Boone County, to the point of being described as “bleeding brown” when referencing his loyalty and dedication to the Boone County Sheriff's Office. Andrew is VERY reliable, works hard for the Sheriff's Office, and is willing to do so regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

Andrew's outstanding contributions, exemplary work ethic, and commitment to excellence make him very deserving of Employee of the Quarter.

Additional Recognition

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