Employee of the Quarter

Fourth Quarter of 2018

The Employee of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2018 is Art Auer of the Boone County Clerk's Office!

Employee of the Quarter, Art Auer

Art is friendly, accommodating, and intentional in every interaction he has, whether via email, telephone, or face to face. Whether walking through with a greeting and a smile, or sitting down to answer questions about various processes, he is kind, compassionate, and patient. He is always willing to lend a hand or answer a question, and he knows all the answers! He is gracious enough to put his work on hold so he can help a fellow employee get the information they need to do their job the best they can. He is an awesome coach, the definition of a team player, and critical to the success of the County Clerk's office.

Art is regarded with reverence and respect by his fellow employees and coworkers. He is renowned as a hard worker and dedicated employee. He seeks no praise and expects no acknowledgement, but is the utmost deserving of both. He has faithfully served Boone County for 35 years, persevering when others would have withdrawn. He leads with dignity, integrity, and diligence, and is the definition of "employee of the quarter."

The Employee Recognition and Suggestion Committee would also like to recognize the following nominees:

  • Phillip Koons – System Support Analyst II - Information Technology
  • Charlie Blair – Deputy Sheriff - Sheriff’s Department
  • Brandon Thompson – Programmer Analyst - Information Technology
  • Angela Loftin – Legal Assistant I - Prosecuting Attorney
  • Danyiel Young – Detention Officer - Sheriff’s Department
  • Nikki Antimi – Sergeant - Sheriff’s Department
  • Micah Taylor – Professional Civil Engineer - Resource Management/Design and Construction
  • Christy Johnson – Chief Deputy Treasurer - Treasurers Office
  • James Barnes – Analyst - Technology
  • Meta Kanago – Coordinator - Auditor
  • Kyle Haverich, Josh Morgan, Cory Dickey & Chuck Nichols - Facilities Maintenance/Grounds Crew

Please make sure to come by and congratulate everyone!

Thank you for submitting your nominations!

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