Employee of the Quarter

Second Quarter of 2021

The Employee of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2021 is Lincoln Smith from the Road & Bridge department!

Lincoln is Road & Bridge's hard surface road specialist as well as their go-to guy for just about everything.  Lincoln constantly works with outside vendors, and his expertise with concrete and asphalt makes his interactions with those vendors extremely easy. Lincoln is the go-to guy for Road & Bridge employees, whether they need help with running a rake, lute, or a Trackhoe.  He is hard-working, dependable, and gets all the hard jobs that have to be done completed to the highest of standards.

Lincoln is in charge of concrete replacement this summer on a major project in a subdivision. He's already making a difference with the people living there and the apartment managers that take care of the subdivision. Although it's been a struggle working in between storms he is managing to keep on task and move forward.  Recently, Lincoln was called in to lead a crew on tree removal at a different location. The citizens were completely closed in and couldn't leave because of all the trees down.  Some of the citizens were also without power, making it critical to get the road cleared ASAP. He spent all of Friday just clearing the road and all day Saturday hauling off debris from the side of the road.  His quick actions and decision making got the road passable and cleared the way for Boone Electric to restore power to the people without.  Road & Bridge received several thank-yous from the neighborhood citizens complimenting Lincoln and his crew for getting the job done so quickly. Then, after working that weekend, he continued with storm clean-up before finally getting back to his concrete job that week.

Lincoln is a quiet leader who doesn't say much but leads by example.  He is respected and admired by his coworkers and is very deserving of Employee of the Quarter.

The Employee Recognition and Suggestion Committee would also like to recognize the following nominees:

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  • Grace Hayes - Lead Deputy Collector - Collector's Office
  • June Pitchford - Auditor - Auditor's Office
  • Kristin Cummins - Program Manager - Community Services
  • Maddy Luebbert - Lead Emergency Telecommunicator - Joint Communications
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