Conference Rooms Use Policy


Non-profit groups may use the Roger B. Wilson Boone County Government Center and the Centralia Satellite Office for the purposes of gathering and promoting community activities. Completed Applications for Organizational Use of Boone County Conference Rooms must be submitted to the Boone County Commission Office at least one (1) week prior to the anticipated event. Applications will be reviewed at the biweekly Commission meeting and, if approved, documented as an official Commission Order. Political fundraisers or commercial activities are prohibited.

General Conditions

  1. The group/organization reserving a Boone County Government conference room and the purpose of such reservation must cultural, recreational, educational, or religious in nature. Political fundraisers (campaign or candidate) or commercial activities are prohibited.

  2. Events may be held within the Boone County Government Center Commission Chambers between 7:30 a.m. and 9:45 p.m. unless otherwise specified. The County Government Center Rooms 301, 306, 311, 332 and the Atrium are restricted for use from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (no evening hours) unless special arrangements are made in advance.

  3. Applicants may request use of both the Courthouse Plaza and the Boone County Government Center Chambers. In such cases, applicants must complete and submit both the Application for Organizational Use of the Boone County Courthouse Plaza and Applications for Organizational Use of Boone County Conference Rooms.

  4. Use of the Boone County Government Center Chambers may be used in conjunction with the Courthouse Plaza. If using the Courthouse Plaza only when a separate event has already been scheduled in the Boone County Government Center Chambers, no interference will be allowed with any existing exhibit or ongoing activity.

  5. Organizations and user groups are not authorized to suggest County of Boone endorsement or sponsorship in their invitation or publicity.

  6. Themes must be approved by the Boone County Commission and must be consistent with promoting community culture, recreation, and education.

  7. Receptions held in Commission Chambers with meals planned may have food prepared off-site and brought to the building for set up. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Extreme caution is to be used to prevent damage due to food and drink.

  8. The group reserving the facility is responsible for all setup and site cleanup. The site must be left in the same condition and setup as it was prior to the event. Appropriate fees will be charged for any damages or necessary clean up.

  9. Time required for setup prior to the event as well as time required for cleanup after the event should be included in the time requested on the Application for Organizational Use of Boone County Conference Rooms. Setup for any event may be done early provided that it does not interfere with previously scheduled use of the space or with the function of county government. Clean up must be completed immediately following the event.
    Trash bags are located in the service closet located immediately to the right upon entering Chambers.

  10. All vehicles must be parked in approved parking areas; no vehicles are to be left in the alley south of the Government Center. Vehicles are not permitted in the Courthouse Plaza.

  11. Smoking is prohibited in all Boone County buildings and on Boone County property, including the entirety of the Courthouse Plaza. Designated smoking areas are located on the east side of the Boone County Government Center and the west side of the Boone County Courthouse.

  12. The permittee shall indemnify and hold harmless the County of Boone, its agents and employees against any and all loss, damage, claim or liability whatsoever, due to personal injury, death or damage to property or others directly or indirectly due to the exercise by the permittee of the privilege granted by this permit, or any other act or omission of permittee, including the failure to comply with the rules of use.

  13. The group or organization will be charged for any damage done to the facility. Privilege of use can be revoked for non-compliance.

  14. Organizations and user groups must provide any and all equipment needed for their event or presentation (i.e. TV, projector, microphones, etc.).

  15. Boone County reserves the right to cancel or alter the schedule of meetings approved for use of the Boone County Government Center due to an emergency or any conflicts in scheduling for governmental use. If this should occur, every effort will be made to contact the organization/group and give ample advance notice.


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