CARES Act Expenditures

As the world, nation, state, and mid-Missouri began the ongoing battle against COVID-19 and its variants in 2020, our federal government authorized payment, through what is known as the CARES Act, to state and local governmental entities.  The stated purpose of those payments was to alleviate some measure of the adverse impact upon populations by the pandemic.  Boone County was among the entities to receive funding, approximately $21 million.  The Boone County Commission enlisted the assistance of Boone County Auditor, June Pitchford; Boone County Treasurer, Tom Darrough; County Counselor, CJ Dykhouse; and Director of Emergency Management, Chad Martin, to design a process for application, consideration, and award of funding within Boone County in a manner consistent with the authorizing federal legislation.  The awards were made to meet articulated needs in the general areas of Education, Health, Public Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, and Economic Assistance.  Funding was also allocated for the creation of a public portal to effectuate the process.  Funding requests far exceeded available funds allocated to Boone County.


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