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Signing of low water crossings and other commonly flooded road areas is necessary to warn traffic of the potential for water to flow over the road surface.   The County’s goal is to install a series of three signs in advance of the potential flood areas in an effort to warn the motorist.   The series of signs will consist of a 30-inch x 30-inch diamond-black on yellow warning sign stating “Flood Area Ahead”, a 30-inch x 30-inch diamond-black on yellow warning sign stating “Impassable During High Water”, and a 24-inch x 30-inch black on white regulatory sign stating “Do Not Enter When Flooded”.   The signs will be encountered by the motorist in the order listed above.   The series of sign will be used on all approaches to an identified flood area.   Existing conditions will be address as they become evident and as funding allows.


The County will not use signs noting the depth of water over the road due to the potential for movement of the sign without the County’s knowledge resulting in the sign depicting an inaccurate water depth.

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