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Personal Property Declarations

2024 Personal & Business Property Declarations
Second notices were mailed March 15th, 2024. Return promptly and no penalty will apply.

RSMo §137.345. 3 In the event the taxpayer returns the assessment list to the assessor before May 1st, the penalty described in subsection 1 of this section shall not apply. Click here for more information on avoiding penalties.

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Electronic Non-Assessment Form Now Available

Our office has made available an electronic version of the Application for Certificate of Non-Assessment. See the Non-Assessment page for more information.

A county-wide elected office with a four year term, the Assessor's position is held by Kenny Mohr. Mr. Mohr has been the County Assessor since 2021.

The Assessor is an elected official responsible for developing and maintaining a current list of all taxable real and tangible personal property in Boone County and assessing the property annually. Assessed valuation provides the tax base for property taxes levied by the County's and its various political subdivisions. The Assessor's Office processes annual declaration forms for all tangible personal property to Boone County residents. The Assessor also performs tax mapping by maintaining and updating property lines based upon warranty deeds received from the Boone County Recorder of Deeds.