Boone County Purchasing Department Bid Process

What To Expect After A Sealed Bid Is Opened

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the bid opening at the time and place noted in the request. If a vendor is interested in a copy of the bid tabulation, they obtain that from the County web page at / Purchasing / Bid Tabulations.

Following the bid opening the Purchasing Department will complete a bid tabulation. Bids will be reviewed for responsiveness. All documents are forwarded to the department(s) involved in the request along with a bid award recommendation.

Upon approval by the department(s), the Purchasing Department forwards all contract documents and Purchase Requisitions to the required office(s). The bid award is scheduled with the Boone County Commission. Upon approval by the County Commission, the successful vendor is notified and asked to complete the contract document. Contract Administration is completed at the Department level. Any problems or conflicts that cannot be resolved at the department level should be reported to the Purchasing Department.

This process can take between twenty to sixty days.

Basic Procurement Methods

Request for Proposal (RFP)

This method of procurement is used for professional services and some general services. An RFP will contain technical specifications or a Scope of Work for which the offeror must respond with a sealed technical proposal. A formal closing date and time is established. The RFP is advertised and e-mailed to those vendors on the County registered vendor list. Subjective evaluation criteria is included in the RFP and used by the evaluation team for the purposes of selecting a contractor.

Informal Quotation

County departments utilize this form of competition when the cost of goods to be purchased is $6,000 or less in a ninety-day period. An Informal Quotation is accomplished in writing or via the telephone depending on the total cost of the purchase. Informal Quotations are accomplished at the Department level and do not generally involve the Purchasing Department.

Formal Request for Bid (RFB)

A formal request for bid is utilized when the total purchase exceeds $6,000 in a ninety-day period. The County also uses this method when the life of a term and supply contract is valued at more than $6,000 in a 90 day period. The document will contain well-defined standard technical specifications for the nature of the service or product requested. A formal closing date and time is specified. The bidder must comply with this requirement in order to be considered for award. All Formal Invitations for Bid are handled by the Boone County Purchasing Department.

Sole Source Purchases

It is the intent of Boone County to purchase the supplies and/or services identified below as single feasible source procurement without competitive bids in accordance with 34.044 RSMo.

Bid Response Tips

  1. Read ALL bid documents immediately upon receipt. Note any special dates or requirements.
  2. Contact the Purchasing Department with any questions relating to the bid documents a minimum of 10 days prior to the bid opening.
  3. Turn your bid in as soon as possible. The deadline dates and times are strictly adhered to. The County cannot accept any late bids. In the event of only one bid, the County may delay the bid opening.
  4. Attend pre-bid conferences.
  5. Pay close attention to the terms must, shall, should or may.

Use the form provided for bid submission.