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Boone County Bicentennial Committee Releases "Show Me Missouri Women" Video

October 29, 2020 – The Boone County Bicentennial Committee is happy to share the latest virtual celebration of the history of Boone County with the video “Show Me Missouri Women.” It can be watched from the Boone County Bicentennial Celebration website at or at

This original work recognizes many of the distinguished women who impacted the history of Boone County and Missouri. Directed by Dr. Gail Humphries Mardirosian, Stephens College Performing Arts Students collaborated to create this piece as a part of the Boone County Bicentennial Celebration.

Over two years ago, the Boone County Bicentennial Committee began making plans to create a memorable experience for all citizens of Boone County. A variety of live productions, events and ceremonies were planned throughout the County, with a focus on sharing the many diverse aspects of Boone County. However, as 2020 became a year no one will forget, social gatherings were canceled, and plans were adapted to be able to still reach Boone County citizens from a safe distance.

This video is one part of the series, which will be released throughout the rest of 2020 as Boone County continues to celebrate 200 years. For more information about Boone County’s Bicentennial Celebration, please visit