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Tom Schauwecker
Boone County Assessor
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May 6, 2019 – Boone County mailed 43,639 change of assessment notices on Wednesday, May 1st.  About 3,500 of these changes were the result of new construction, partial valuations, alterations, additions, parcel splits or combinations. The remainder of changes resulted from a 2019 equalization effort focused on the residential subclass of properties.  The average increase was 8% in most neighborhoods. The 2019 equalization effort is based upon our analysis of the housing market as required by Missouri law. 

If you have questions or feel the valuation is too high, first please call 573-886-4270, leave a message if lines are busy or send an email to  Please include your name, phone number and a parcel identification number. An appraiser will return your call or respond to email.   Answers to frequently asked questions may be found using the assessor’s home page at  Given limited resources, walk-ins will be asked to schedule an appointment or leave supporting documentation of value.

Second, you may call to schedule an informal hearing on or prior to Monday, June 17th.   Be prepared in order to expedite this process. Sales contracts, recent appraisals or current offerings may offer credible evidence of value.  Please submit audited income and expense statements for investment properties.

Third, if you still do not agree with the 2019 valuation, you may file an appeal with the Boone County Board of Equalization. All formal appeals to the BOE must be filed in writing with the Boone County Clerk and received or postmarked no later than June 17th.  One must provide evidence to support the claim for a lower valuation.   Appeal of Assessment Forms are available on-line with the county clerk Appeals received after the deadline will not be given consideration.

Fourth, State Tax Commission hearings will be conducted after you have appeared before the Board of Equalization and have filed the proper forms with the State Tax Commission by September 15th or 30 days after the BOE’s decision, whichever is later. This appeal will be conducted on a formal basis and you will be expected to provide a private appraisal.  For more information contact the State Tax Commission of Missouri, PO Box 146, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0146.

Please remember to focus on the valuation of your property during the informal and formal hearings.  Property tax bills will be finalized in 2019 by the taxing entities of Boone County.  Tax rate hearings will be held and ultimately approved in August or September by the elected authorities for schools, library, fire, city and county.  We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this complex process.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.