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Boone County Announces Partnership with Amarach Planning Services for Comprehensive County-Wide Housing Study

December 21, 2023 — Boone County, Missouri, is excited to announce the signing of a pivotal contract with Amarach Planning Services to conduct a comprehensive county-wide housing study in partnership with the City of Columbia. This study represents a significant step toward addressing housing challenges and fostering sustainable community development throughout the county.

This study is an integral part of the Boone County Upward Mobility Action Plan, an initiative aimed at fostering economic progress and improving quality of life for all County residents. The Boone County Upward Mobility Action Plan was released in June 2022 and included establishing a workgroup focused on fair and inclusive housing. The workgroup identified multiple critically important strategies, including conducting a county-wide housing study.

The decision to engage Amarach Planning Services, a consultancy focused on urban planning and housing analysis, reflects Boone County's and the City of Columbia’s commitment to proactively address the growing needs and opportunities within the local housing market.

The comprehensive study will entail a meticulous examination of current housing trends, demands, and disparities throughout the City of Columbia and Boone County. By employing sophisticated data analysis methods and extensive community engagement strategies, the study aims to:

  • Identify housing needs across various demographic segments within the city and county.
  • Evaluate existing housing stock, affordability, and accessibility.
  • Recommend strategic solutions and policy frameworks to meet present and future housing demands.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Amarach Planning Services on this crucial initiative," remarked Janet Thompson, Northern District Commissioner of Boone County. "Their expertise and dedication to community-driven solutions align perfectly with our vision for equitable and sustainable housing development. This study marks a crucial milestone in our efforts to ensure that housing opportunities are accessible to all residents of Boone County."

The County invites active participation and input from local stakeholders, community members, and organizations throughout the study's duration. To gather diverse perspectives and insights vital for shaping the study's outcomes, residents will be invited to participate in community engagement sessions, public forums, and surveys.

“This partnership is an important step as we continually work to address the affordable housing needs in our community,” said Columbia City Manager, De’Carlon Seewood. “Feedback and participation from Boone County and Columbia residents will help ensure this study identifies outcomes and actionable items that are unique for our community’s needs.”

Amarach Planning Services expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing their commitment to producing actionable recommendations rooted in data-driven analysis and community feedback. “I firmly believe housing is the foundation of a strong community and a thriving economy,” said Dr. David Boston, owner and founder of Amarach Planning Services. “I’m excited to partner with Boone County and the City of Columbia to build a future where everyone has access to safe, affordable, and sustainable homes.”

The housing study, expected to commence on January 1, 2024, is slated for completion by Fall 2024. Regular updates, milestones, and opportunities for public engagement will be communicated through official County channels.

More information on the Boone County Upward Mobility Action Plan and updates on the housing study can be found at

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