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Boone County Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department implements Boone County’s adopted Strategic Information Technology Plan. The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC), a committee comprised of elected officials and department directors, in conjunction with the IT staff develops the vision and desired direction of information technology and provides a plan with recommendations to the County Commissioners for consideration and adoption. In addition, the Department conducts research to identify new cost saving developments resulting in improved operational efficiencies. Also, the Department provides critical tactical information, technology solutions, systems design, programming services and support to county offices.

The Director of Information Technology (IT) is responsible for the operations of the County’s non-judicial information technology systems, GIS system, and Mail Services.

Boone County Geographic Information System Department

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Department mission is to maintain a high quality, uniform standard of geographic information across all Boone County Departments and Offices and to disseminate professional services and decision making support systems through robust and innovative geographic information system applications. The GIS Department is the outgrowth of a multi-year research effort of Boone County, the City of Columbia, and Boone Electric Cooperative.

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