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Boone County Office of Emergency Management Encourages Youth to Be Boone County Ready

August 14, 2023 –Boone County Office of Emergency Management (BCOEM) is beginning to schedule Youth Preparedness Program presentations for the 2023-2024 school year. The Youth Preparedness Program is a free program available to all Boone County schools, troops, businesses, and organizations that serve youth in grades K-12.

The Youth Preparedness Program (YPP) was developed by the Boone County Office of Emergency Management as part of the Boone County Ready community preparedness campaign. The program includes an adaptive presentation that is tailored to the grades of the students receiving it. Students are encouraged to think critically about what they already know regarding safety and how that can be applied to prepare for emergencies. In addition, the program provides an overview of the four steps to be Boone County Ready: building a kit, making a plan, being informed and getting involved, and how the students at their age level can participate in each step.

“Children are considered a vulnerable population because they rely on adults to care for them at school and home,” states Hannah Wichern, Mitigation & Recovery Specialist with the Boone County Office of Emergency Management. “By providing education to students, we can provide them with the tools they need and empower them to prepare for and respond to emergency situations and disasters safely.”

All students receive a starter emergency kit that they are encouraged to take home and finish building with their families. Parents are also provided preparedness information to empower households to continue the conversation at home and begin preparing for emergencies and disasters together.

To learn more about the Youth Preparedness Program, visit

To request a Youth Preparedness Program presentation, or for media inquiries, please contact Hannah Wichern at or call 573-554-7900.