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Boone County Essential Workers Eligible for Mental Health Supports

July 10, 2020 – Essential workers in Boone County, MO are now eligible for no-cost mental health services through HeartSpace Clinic, funded through the Boone County Community Health & Medical Fund. Boone County residents who are teachers, childcare providers, caseworkers, social workers, counselors, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who are in the healing field and dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to participate.

“We are focusing on these populations in particular because of their unique position of being the helpers to our community, while also experiencing the stress of pandemic themselves,” says Dr. Chris Lawrence, Director of HeartSpace Clinic. “It is important for those in the helping fields to learn how to help themselves in order to prevent burnout and other complications.” All services are offered via telehealth or in a safe in-person environment.

Services offered through this funding include a warm line (573-355-2568) from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, Monday through Saturday; individual therapy sessions; and group services for providers of similar training. To learn more, or to get enrolled in services, visit

Businesses employing essential workers including schools, crisis centers, hospitals, mental health organizations, and medical offices are encouraged to reach out to HeartSpace Clinic to learn about group sessions for impacted workers.

HeartSpace Clinic is a non-profit organization offering compassionate, trauma-informed training, consultation and direct services. They are committed to helping our community members access resilience when affected by acute and cumulative stress and trauma. They work with individuals, families, schools, groups and organizations. For more information visit:

The mission of Boone County Community Services is to support the greatest possible level of independence and self-sufficiency of Boone County residents by promoting their physical, mental and social well-being to cultivate a safe and healthy community. The Boone County Community Health & Medical Fund is funded through the Boone County Hospital Lease.