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Boone County Children's Services Board Opens RFP for Grassroots Funding Opportunity

February 7, 2024 — The Boone County Children’s Services Board (BCCSB) is excited to announce the release of a groundbreaking Request for Proposals (RFP) aimed at fostering grassroots initiatives within the community. This pilot funding opportunity is a strategic move by the BCCSB to not only channel resources towards smaller, community-based organizations but also address long-standing disparities and enhance services for Boone County children, youth, and their families.

The primary objective of this RFP is to empower local nonprofits and facilitate strategies to build capacity for contract delivery and, in turn, better serve the diverse needs of the community. The BCCSB recognizes the potential of smaller organizations to provide meaningful and innovative services, especially in addressing the unique challenges faced by underserved communities.

"The BCCSB is committed to creating positive, lasting impacts on the lives of children, youth, and families in Boone County. This innovative funding opportunity reflects our dedication to fostering collaboration with grassroots organizations, which play a vital role in addressing the specific needs of our community," said Leigh Spence, Chair of the Boone County Children's Services Board.

Grassroots organizations are often deeply embedded in their communities, earning the trust of residents. Their staff and leadership reflect the diverse backgrounds of the families they serve, allowing for a more nuanced and culturally sensitive approach to service delivery. By investing in these organizations, the BCCSB aims to bridge existing gaps in service provision and contribute to the overall well-being of Boone County.

The RFP seeks proposals from grassroots organizations that demonstrate a commitment to the shared values of community, inclusivity, and innovation. Proposals should outline strategies for building capacity, enhancing service delivery, and addressing the specific needs of Boone County residents.

Key components of the RFP include:

  • Service Delivery: Emphasis will be placed on proposals that address the unique needs of children, youth, and families in Boone County.
  • Capacity Building: Proposals should articulate plans for strengthening the organizational capacity of the grassroots organization, ensuring they are well-equipped to deliver contracted services effectively.
  • Community-Centric Framework: Successful proposals will showcase a framework based on the strengths and shared sense of community within the organization, ensuring alignment with the values and needs of Boone County residents.

Interested organizations are encouraged to review the full RFP, available on the Boone County Purchasing department’s website  The submission deadline for proposals is 11:00 a.m. Central Time on March 13, 2024.

For specific questions about the RFP, please contact:
Melinda Bobbitt
Purchasing Director
Phone: (573) 886-4391

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