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Boone County Commissioners Justin Aldred and Janet Thompson Appointed as Leadership to Statewide Committees

July 26, 2022 –Boone County Commissioners Justin Aldred and Janet Thompson will hold leadership roles in Missouri Association of Counties (MAC) Policy Steering Committees for the 2022-2023 term. MAC President Batina Dodge announced the appointments on July 20, 2022.

Commissioner Justin Aldred will serve as Vice Chair of the IT, Telecommunications, and Broadband Committee. This committee is responsible for all matters pertaining to telecommunications and technology policy, information technology development and implementation, information technology innovation, e-governance, and geospatial data collection and utilization.

Commissioner Janet Thompson will serve as Chair of the MAC Policing/Justice/Mental Health Committee. This committee is responsible for issues affecting the court system, jails, the prosecutorial system, probate, and the offices of the sheriff, prosecuting attorney, circuit clerk, and coroner. The committee is also responsible for issues affecting aging, public health, mental health, alcohol and drug abuse, developmental disabilities, social services, human services, nursing homes and mental health facilities.