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Boone County Commission Awards Ten CARES Act Funding Contracts

December 22, 2020 – The Boone County Commission awarded ten contracts for CARES Act Funding during its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, December 22, 2020. The following are the recipient organizations:

Christian Fellowship School                                         $32,300.00

City of Ashland                                                            $28,608.03

Boone Hospital Center                                                 $1,428,129.61

Christian Chapel Academy                                           $15,100.00

Boone County University Extension                              $1,604.10

La Petite Ecole, Inc.                                                     $1,400.00

City of Columbia-Public Health Funding                        $1,918,211.84

City of Columbia-PPE & Sanitation                              $347,775.08

City of Columbia-Public Safety Employee Expenses      $3,082,252.36

City Garden School                                                       $5,500.00

As of this week, the County Commission has obligated $20,177,015.78 of the total $21,171,910.00 in CARES Act Funding received. Final disbursements will be made at the December 29, 2020 meeting of the Boone County Commission.

For more information, please view the December 9, 2020 press release here.


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