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Boone County Adults Gain Access to Free Therapy

July 21, 2020 – Boone County residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can now access mental health supports through the University of Missouri Psychological Services Clinic. Adults can receive up to five teletherapy sessions at no cost thanks to funding provided through the Boone County Community Health/Medical Fund.

“COVID-19 has increased stress related to layoffs or work changes, financial instability, health concerns, family relationships, parenting, social isolation, and changes in every aspect of daily life,” says Psychological Service Clinic Director, Dr. Debora Bell, “Everyone is affected in some way, and help with building coping resources can make these stressors much more manageable.”

Joanne Nelson, Director of the Boone County Community Services Department, whose department disburses funding through the Community Health/Medical fund, shared, “This service will allow individuals in Boone County to access needed mental health services during these unprecedented times."

To get connected with services or to learn more, contact the MU Psychological Services Clinic at 573-882-4677, email, or visit Once the five sessions are utilized and more sessions are needed, the Psychological Services Clinic transitions the clients to ongoing care which can be billed to each client’s insurance or paid via a sliding scale.

The Psychological Services Clinic’s mission is to provide high-quality, affordable evidence-based assessment and treatment services to youth, adults, couples, families, and groups in Columbia, MO and the surrounding community; provide high-quality training for University of Missouri doctoral trainees in clinical psychology and related disciplines in planning, administering, and evaluating empirically-supported assessment and treatment services; and support research that advances understanding and effective promotion of psychological health.

The mission of Boone County Community Services is to support the greatest possible level of independence and self-sufficiency of Boone County residents by promoting their physical, mental and social well-being to cultivate a safe and healthy community. The Boone County Community Health & Medical Fund is funded through the Boone County Hospital Lease.