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Former First Lady Michelle Obama Recognizes Boone County Voters

October 2, 2018 – Former first lady Michelle Obama recognized the dedication and success of the voters of Boone County during a voter registration rally in Las Vegas, Nev. on Sunday, September 23, 2018. Mrs. Obama spoke about the Boone County Children’s Services Sales Tax, applauding the conviction of those who saw the need for the tax, the dedication supporters exhibited in getting the tax on the ballot, and the power of Boone County voters who supported the tax initiative. Mrs. Obama presented Boone County as an example of the positive change that can happen in a community when citizens use their votes as their voice.

In her speech, Mrs. Obama reflected on the citizens in Boone County who saw the dire need for mental health services for children and sprang into action to make change happen. She commended both the groups who developed a plan and worked tirelessly to get that plan on the ballot, and the voters who made that plan a reality. To great applause, Mrs. Obama gave high praise for the way Boone County came together to make the present and the future better for its children.

“There … were families struggling to get their children the mental healthcare they needed…the resources weren’t there. So, the folks in Boone County came together, they came up with a plan to fund children’s mental healthcare, they gathered up the signatures they needed to get their issue on the ballot, and then they got out there and voted. And today, just a few years later, in Boone County, they’re providing counseling for kids who need it, they’re doing mental health screenings for every child in that county, and they’re training teacher and child care advocates to better support kids with mental health challenges.”

After the Boone County Children’s Services tax was approved by voters in 2012, the Boone County Community Services Department was developed to oversee the distribution of those funds. This department works with the Children’s Services Board to ensure these taxpayer dollars are funding programs that are innovative, impactful and necessary to improve the mental health of children in Boone County. The Community Services Department works with organizations throughout Boone County to meet these needs that for so long went unmet. The Children’s Services Fund generates approximately $6.7 million per year.

To see Mrs. Obama’s speech, . If you do not wish to watch the speech in its entirety, the portion regarding Boone County begins at approximately 10 minutes.


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