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Boone County Commissioner Janet Thompson Reappointed to Missouri Judicial Finance Commission

July 3, 2018 – On June 26, 2018, Boone County Commissioner Janet Thompson was reappointed for her second term on the Judicial Finance Commission for the State of Missouri by Chief Justice Zel M. Fischer. Janet was initially appointed to the Judicial Finance Commission in the fall of 2016. Her reappointment is effective July 3, 2018 and will end July 2, 2021, or when her successor is appointed and qualified.

The primary function of the Judicial Finance Commission is to resolve budget disputes between counties and their respective circuit courts. The Commission is empowered with numerous duties including to review petitions from the counties; schedule informal conferences in the geographical area in which the dispute arose in an effort to expeditiously settle disputes; hold hearings so that all parties have the opportunity to present their positions for the record; and issue opinions on the reasonableness of the disputed budget request.


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