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Sheriff Dwayne Carey Refutes Columbia Daily Tribune Column

July 5, 2017 –I am refuting a June 30, 2017 column by Bill Clark of the Columbia Daily Tribune where he wrote that during a recent traffic stop near Grace Lane and St. Charles Road he was issued a summons for failing to signal a right turn and was in fear of being "shot" and subjected to "arrogance" by Boone County sheriff's deputies.

I also found it interesting that Mr. Clark suggested he was pulled over because his vehicle is older with "a rear bumper full of liberal bumper stickers" and that our deputies surmised he was "an aging hippie with a weed habit." Mr. Clark, who is white and 84 years old, also stated he felt he was "in the shoes of the minority."

I am encouraging the news media and the citizens of Boone County to read Mr. Clark's column through a link on the Sheriff's Department website,, where they can also find the complete VIDEO of the June 20, 2017 traffic stop in question and my full response to his column.

I would be happy to further discuss this matter and I can be reached at (573) 876-6119.